10 responses to “Where Worlds and Art Forms Overlap: The Icebook*”

  1. Ashleigh Burroughs

    Do you know the work of Robert Sabuda? His pop-up books have been a staple of our gift giving for years and they never cease to amaze and amuse us.

  2. marta

    When I recover I might come back and tell you how awesome this is!

  3. fg

    Thanks for sharing JES.

    It is lovely that the pages are all white. I like white on white as a rule.

    I realise watching that the work is not so much the book or paper cutouts but the projection. Projection is a funny business, I say funny in the magical/trickery sense. Looking at art works over the years (I don’t mean film projections so much, rather art works consisting of projections) that use projection I often think that a key part of its success or failure as a medium is the artists understanding of its effect on scale. The Icebook people have been thinking about scale and thats is the nub of this performance.

    (I can’t resist adding I find the music in the video distracting but I suppose this is the promo and they are hoping for bums on seats so the dramatic music is a must. sigh)

  4. marta

    @John – I’ve been wanting a video camera for the longest time. I even know what I want to do if I can ever get one. Though my idea isn’t as beautiful as The Icebook. And I really, really wish i could figure out how to get the claymation short film my mother made in the 70s online so you could see it. Sigh.

  5. Froog

    So glad you enjoyed this, John. A very small recompense for the countless wonders you have introduced to me.

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