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  1. Froog

    For some reason, that version of Across The Universe keeps sticking half-way through (probably just something to do with me having to use a VPN tunnel through Cincinnati to access almost anything at all on the Net at the moment, rather than a general glitch).

    I especially like this version, with accompaniment by Ravi Shankar.

    As you know, John, I’ve also became very fond of the cover by Fiona Apple, from the film Pleasantville.

    And then, of course, there’s oddball Slovenian “art rock” collective Laibach‘s take on it – although I can see that wouldn’t at all fit with the mellow mood of a Whiskey River Friday!

  2. marta

    I knew that picture before I read the credits. Ah, the Disney vision.

    The Merwin quote is trying to remind me of something–it is right there but I can’t call it in.

    The Beatles reminds me of a conversation I had with a coworker who thought the Beatles were overrated and didn’t do that much for music. It was a lively conversation…. Wonder if he’s changed his mind?

  3. The Querulous Squirrel

    The Miller and Merwin quotes seem so apt to the events of the last week. The dove poem and the song make me think of the Buddhist concept of radical acceptance that I am trying to work on in my own life. Today I am focusing on mindfulness meditation, and your blog brings much richness to all of my senses.

  4. jules

    Well now, isn’t Henry Miller on to something? Or wasn’t he, rather. I keep meaning to read him….Keep meaning to.

  5. marta

    @John – Having grown up down the road from Walt Disney World–I even got to go the first year it was open–it holds a place in my heart. And my heart is a complicated place.

    Weird now to go back to Disney and see the changes. I was sad at the decline and eventual death of the 20,000 Leagues ride. I’d loved that as a kid.

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