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  1. whaddayamean

    thanks for that video. that’s kind of what i needed today.

  2. Jill

    Wonderful post, JES. “Ineffable” is one of my favorite words. Like “whaddayamean”, I needed all of this today. I’m going to buy “Don’t Wait”, just for those lyrics. Thanks.

  3. Nance

    Lots to love here today! Your Fridays are a necessary part of the week.

    On Stafford’s Magic Mountain: I heard a man on our local NPR station today describing how he writes fiction. No outline, no idea of plot, really. He makes people and puts them somewhere. He has no idea what will happen or how it will end. He says it keeps his work from becoming formulaic. Can you do that? (Please, forgive me, writers; I am a fiction virgin and don’t know better.) That sounds like heaven.

    On the image, taken in “a mysterious place with no name”: that’s the most delightful thing I’ve heard all day. Strangely familiar.

    And the band name is perfect. When my son had two or three garage bands going on at our house all at the same time, I thought in the language of band names. I’d stick my head into the garage and offer up my new inspiration. They’d look at me like I was crazy. I guess mothers don’t get to name bands. It made me want to start my own.

  4. The Querulous Squirrel

    Ah, to be able to express in words those things seen but fleetingly out of the corner of one’s eye.

  5. marta

    @John – I don’t plot! I scatter characters on the page and see where they take me. Which explains the mess.

    I like that the photograph has a specific date but not a specific location. Suits the picture though.

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