10 responses to ““An Echo That Did Not Die Away””

  1. marta

    The CS Lewis says something I didn’t realize I needed said.

    And the Piercy and the pig quotes made me think of the stories I’d just written.

    No pressure, but please never stop blogging.

  2. Nance

    “We long for the familiar, the open
    palm of love, its tender fingers.”

    That’s a lovely line, isn’t it? Here’s the secret of grandmothers: we adore our grandbabies because they need our touch, reach for it, clearly thrive on it.

    I got part way into the magical, yearning C.S.Lewis piece and just HAD to scroll down to learn the author. That messed me up, because Lewis was, according to my pigeonholer, a Christian mystic. I’m not supposed to like that. Mystics are okay, but only the un-church-y ones. I am supposed to be suspicious of Lewis…which only winds up making me suspicious of myself. Oh, brother. Pigeonholing is hell.

  3. whiskey

    you’ve passed over numerous whiskey river items . . .

    I see.


    Just kidding. I thought of trimming it down to a shorter excerpt too, but, like you, couldn’t.

    He rambled, but rambled well.

  4. whiskey

    John, if I trimmed down on the borrowings I would have a page intentionally left blank. So, no guilt. I think this is great, and I enjoy what I learn here from you, what you delve into and the connections you make.

  5. cynth

    I have always loved C.S. Lewis for so many things. But I love how he rambles on about something until you suddenly realize you know what he talking about and you might have even thought about, but certainly could NEVER put it down the way he does.

    The post was great. I thought the poem was Ogden Nash or Dorothy Parker, but I didn’t really look for it anywhere…so I’m just guessing.

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