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  1. cynth

    After reading the Atlantic article, in which they seem to think Ms. Rowling is just a money-grubbing author, I’m curious to see how things turn out. It’s a curious and interesting twist, don’t you think?

  2. jules

    Do you ever wonder what it’s like to *be* her? Hardly a profound comment I’m leaving here, but it’s all fascinating — how huge she is and her personal story of transformation (as in, starting this novel in a coffee shop as a divorcee single parent and then becoming the superstar she is).

  3. Jayne

    Oh, the fantasy here! What did the dormouse say? Do we really know?

    I love Vonnegut rushing in with his perspective. Of course, I love anything and everything Vonnegut, so when I see him–and I do see him, instant visual of old Kurt, his sly grin, in my head–I instantly stand to attention. (It’s funny, though, the Deadeye Dick excerpt you pulled–like Hemans’ “burning boy” poem”–has been parodied several times. Everyone has their own version!)
    I wonder what Vonnegut would think of JKR’s idea??

    I’m torn. At the one hand, it’s brilliant to add another dimension to the Potter story. It’s sci-fi actualized (or as close as we can come to it presently). Yet, like the movie versions of her books, it taint the mind’s initial experience with the story. Not to say that’s a bad thing. Maybe the story can’t really be tainted. After all, it’s fantasy!
    And this is where we are right? We could say that augmenting literature with multi-media enhances the experience. Though it would seem there’s the risk that hi-tech versions of the story diminish book sales. I supposed there’s money from either angle.

    All that said, I think Pottermore is a fascinating option. It certainly a platform that will appeal to her readers, and will bring in new readers. And if Rowling makes a boatload of cash from it, who cares? Good for her. I love her backstory.

    (Forgive my, ugh, lack of clarity here. I’m just waking to the “real” world–I jumped off the grid for a good three days and thoroughly enjoyed literature in its purest form, which for me, can’t be enhanced.)

  4. Jayne

    HAHA! Wait- this is how utterly confused I am (said with a beet red face.)! I have melded two posts into one! You know, it kind of works, though right?! Oh my gosh–I need to go back to bed. Working on too little sleep here !!
    Now – I’m going to take another look at your most recent post. But first, a little breakfast. That might help. 😉

  5. Jayne

    Yes, yes! It’s true-Grace Slick! LOL–maybe I should just keep my shoeless feet firmly on ground rather than prancing around cyberspace… or maybe the danger is staying away from space for too long thereby forgetting how to sail through it.
    Er, uh, about JKR: You go girl!
    (Still, what would Vonnegut say?) 😉

  6. marta

    Love the paper cutouts in the video! I love JKR too. Hurray for her. For the cynics I give not a wit.

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