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  1. jules

    Boy, did I need a lot of that today.

    Never heard of that band, and their Nashville-based. Who knew.

  2. jules

    Make that “they’re”. Need. more. coffee.

  3. Jayne

    Breathe deeply, enter positive energy.
    Listening to the music of Kink Ador (which I listened to 3x over, because I cannot draw the resemblance to any of those aforementioned bands–except, maybe, the yeah, yeah, yeahs, who are a bit more alternative, and who also happen to be on my FNF list–granted “The Shape of Life to Come” being the first and only song of theirs I’ve heard) and reading your selections forces a certain living-in-the-moment that often evades.

    I’ve tried to meditate but it hasn’t ever worked for me. I can’t turn the valve off. Maybe I don’t trust what would happen absent the constant inner flow. Maybe I try too hard to find another flow, or whisper, or something that tells me I’m meditating properly and it’s all worthwhile. But it doesn’t happen–I think the plumbing is rusty, and the drain isn’t functioning properly.

    Being present. It’s trickier than we think. Or is it?
    I can tell you only: presently, I’m feeling better than I did prior to reading this. πŸ˜‰

  4. marta

    Okay, let’s see.

    1. I love the comic at the top. (I’ve got a link to the strip over at my place, you know!)

    2. Love Rilke. I didn’t really study him until grad school, but the class was taught by one of my favorite professors ever.

    3. I feel lucky that I’ve never felt like I’ve been waiting for what my life was to become. Waiting for Agent, yes. But not the rest of it.

    4. My mother took me to meditation groups and a meditation training weekend seminar, and my grandmother mediated almost every day. It has never stuck with me.

    5. Just this week I watched a series about the circus. I really liked it.

    6. Like that song.

    7. When you say you “don’t dance” is that you can’t dance or that you really never dance?

    8. I’ve met many, many, MANY people who say they don’t dance. I still find this one of the most mystifying things a person can say. Hardly anyone would dance at my wedding. To this day I wished we had eloped. Ah, to each his own…

    9. Thanks for your usual lovely Friday post!

  5. cynth

    Trust me Marta, he can’t dance…it’s just not pretty! But he makes up for it with moves on this blog site, believe me!

  6. Nance

    You’ve taken on something I once cared a lot for, two major pillars of awareness: 1) Don’t judge or label the unfolding events and 2) Stay. Those were also the major tenets of guiding successful psychotherapy, so I grew very practiced at them.

    I moved deeper and deeper into that over the years and then it just stopped. I’m curious about that, but not enough to dig down and try to find out what happened. To that extent, at least, the awareness is still working.

    Nashville is amazing, isn’t it? My jazz/blues based baby boy lives and works there, rubbing elbows and earning his daily bread with its “churched” musicians, its Americana and country types, its Victor Wootens and Bela Flecks, its big names and all. It was he who invented the phrase, when he was 2.5 years old, “I can’t want to.”

    I would like to like Kink Ador just because it closes out another wonderful Friday, but I’ve tried twice and I find I can’t want to. The trumpet rocks, though.

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