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  1. Jayne

    Speaking of categories–someday, soon I hope, I’m going to dedicate a decent chunk of time to poke around at what looks like crazy good categories on your sidebar.

    This manuscript video is fascinating. All of it, the scribe’s work, the bookmaking, the whole process, is becoming a lost art. Humbling, indeed. And Imagine the time spent on these old manuscripts!

    In the schools, cursive writing is going they way of the dinosaur. Many teachers don’t bother to teach it anymore. The preference is to have student submit all work typed via word doc. It seems that the majority of the teachers embrace this idea.

    I supposed technology is the new art. But it’s a shame to see real craftsmanship lost to technology.

  2. marta

    Okay, I want to watch this video, but I have got to go to bed. Could you give me an idea how long it is so I can plan accordingly? The little play bar at the bottom is giving me no clue.

  3. marta

    @John – Very cool. Can’t say I’ll be making an illuminated manuscript of my own, but an ordinary book will do.

    (Thanks for the time.)

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