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  1. Nance

    So glad you got that off your chest ; )

    Hoo, that’s got to be some of the most annoying music on the planet. Music to whine and sulk by. It reminds me of the stuff I heard on High and Exalted Grandson’s teevee for two year olds. All except for Yo Gabba Gabba, which featured rap by Biz Markie and some pseudo-pop-rock by The Salteens.

    I’m delighted you had fun, though. And, yes, that Lawrence Welk vid was perhaps the most disturbing thing I’ve seen lately. Who, exactly, was their target audience? Everyone I ever knew switched the channel so fast, it’d leave you dizzy.

    Welcome home,
    Your sulky, whiney readers.

  2. Nance

    I enjoyed fairs as a child. And the big Alaska State Fair in Palmer was a wonderful thing to behold in the years we lived nearby. It might have been the dramatic backdrop and the alpine slant of the light; those made everything that happened outdoors in Alaska seem to be the stuff of calendar art and gave the tawdriness of a fair a certain Renaissance charm. And they grow some unbelievable vegetables in Alaska. I like the agricultural tents at real fairs.

    Otherwise, though, fairs and theme parks weird me out more and more as I age. I tend to get some combination of agoraphobia and claustrophobia in the crowds, I’m scared of the big thrill rides, and standing in lines makes me nuts.

    Unless…unless that precious four year old grandson wants it. I will brave anything at all for his sake. And have done.

  3. cynth

    I like the flavor of the local fairs better than anything, I think. The 4-H fairs in particular. There was one near us, well, near our grandparents, which had the most amazing old tractors, huge vegetables, bunnies! in cages!, chickens-also in cages, but not as exciting unless you counted the ones with the feathers on their feet and sprouting out of the tops of their head. I never liked the mid-way, though. I don’t like people shouting at me (I’m timid by nature) and even though they were trying to get me to play some rigged game, they made me nervous. Much like the Lawrence Welk clip as above.

  4.'s brudder

    I believe that in that “after life” that we all may imagine from time-t0-time there is one furrow-browed, sprickle-haired, welder/pipefitter/Gene-Krupa-want-to-be that is seriously disturbed at this hour by the fact that the spawn of his loins (who shares his name, yet!) would give a platform to the dreaded theme-park-song-which-is-not-to-be-named.
    For all the music which I remembered him imploring us to: “listen to this, listen to this…”, this is the single song that let me know that yes – it was possible for him to more passionately hate a “musical” composition” – maybe even more than the “yappin’ yaya shit” that we so often felt was MUSIC.
    Thanks for the memory lane.

  5. Jayne

    Yikes, that Lawrence Welk video is sort of like… The Stepford Wives meet Willy Wonka. Creepy.

    I know this makes me the worst mother of the year (or years), but every summer the traveling carnival comes to town (with its inevitable merry-go-round music), I pack up our bags and hightail it to the Cape, or to Maine, or to some other fabulous distraction that will have the kids believing that they’ve missed nothing back home.

    And well, they haven’t… at least not in my that’s-an-accident-waiting-to-happen mind. (Not to mention some of the seedy characters that can be found lumbering along the dusty grounds.)

    Of course, the other theme park cannot be compared to a traveling carnival. And if I lived in Florida, I’d never get away with evading a visit. And I might be more easily coaxed to the other park, which doesn’t look all bad, minus the roller coasters.

    Maybe this is why we’ve only gone as far south as S.C. with the kids? There’s just so much to see and do!

    Thank goodness it’s not a too, too small world, after all. 😉

  6. marta

    Well, you know I grew up near and even worked at Disney. My dad and I went to Disney the first year it was open. Oh, the memories.

    As for the bizarre Lawrence Welk. I knew one family that watched his show religiously. They lived catty corner from us. And sometimes I would find myself stuck at their house with that show in the TV and I would have to watch. Not watching it wasn’t really an option. The best way I can describe that family is this: their daughter got pregnant at 15. The girl implied to my mother that her father was also the father of the baby. So. When I think of Lawrence Welk, I think of our neighbor. Needless to say, I’m no fan of Lawrence Welk.

  7. marta

    P.S. Did you know RadioLab did a show about earworms?

    And now I shall really go to bed…albeit with that family stuck in head. Hey, if a song stuck in your head is an earworm, what is a memory stuck in your head?

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