15 responses to “Not “The End,” But Maybe The End”

  1. marta

    Woot x 10.

  2. Jayne

    Wowoot! :0
    Must feel really wootin’ good.

  3. MsJax

    Woohoo!!! Where’s the champagne? When’s the party? Why aren’t you doing cartwheels across the living room floor? Great, great news. Can only imagine how you feel right now.

    Oh, and btw, here’s your 3-year-old Honey Do list. <g>

  4. Nance

    Joy! I’m so glad Seems To Fit made up its mind!

  5. DarcKnyt

    Congratulations, John! BRAVO! Well done!

  6. cynth

    And yet another thing to celebrate! I lift my glass (and glasses) to you John, and can’t wait to see it all.

  7. Miriam

    Yay! *applauds wildly* That’s wonderful!

  8. whaddayamean


  9.'s brudder

    The number of orgasmic analogies that come to mind clearly say more about my mind then about your accomplishment – suffice it to say: YAAAAAYYYY! (not sure of correct spelling or punctuation here, maybe I should edit this again…..). 🙂
    Now – when do we get to read it?
    BTW: recaptcha – character for next novel (not that you’re thinking about THAT yet): Rivelyin Bornstein

  10.'s brudder

    oh…and what did Larry have to say about this when you told him?

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