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  1. Nance

    Burlap Sack: I like this very much. We have a tendency to think that we are our pain and that our pain is punishment just because it is so “punishing.” Not so, Ananda. Like all our other emotions, it comes to pass. Watch: it comes like a wave from behind, it washes and threatens to drown us, it ebbs and leaves us standing. We’d like to quit standing in the waves but it turns out there’s nowhere else to stand.

    The Bear At The Dump: Too much truth for me today! But I wish I could write like that.

    The McCartney video: That was so rich. So many beloved musicians on that stage…Knopfler, too. I’ve often written Paul off as a lightweight because it was the cool thing to do in the seventies, but the David Browne book has changed my mind on that.

    Speaking of which, thank you so much for the suggestion to read Girls Like Us. I got it for almost nothing online and I’m using it to take my mind off the debt ceiling diddle. It’s great escape. And I can use Spotify to call up the songs I want to hear as I read along about Joni, Carly, and Carole. Perfect follow-up to Browne, but written so much better.

    Thanks again for Fridays. I really needed this one.

  2. Jayne

    Boy, despite the garbage, rocks and bones (what kind of a person works with found bones? Perry must be a pretty interest person), the weight of this post is beautifully ethereal. In it are some of my favorite poets, singer/songwriters. I’m going to carry this measured mix around with me all weekend.

    The Suite was the very first piece of music I downloaded on to my first MP3 type instrument. And I used to sing Golden Slumbers to my children when they were very young. Now, their iPod instruments at loaded with Beatles songs.

    My sister once made a dress out of a burlap bag. Come to think of it, it was during a particularly dark period of her life. Now that she’s escaped the lunacy of the city and a high stress career, she’s sporting a happier look.

    (Love The Bear at the Dump–I’m going to have to read more Matthews.)

  3. marta

    Muriel’s piece about sacrifice reminds me of a difficult conversation I had with my mother when I was in the 6th grade. So reading the quote rather filled me with an impulse to tell Muriel to stuff it.

    But that would be rash and not well thought through.

    Not a good choice, in fact.

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