7 responses to “The Whole Sweet World Is a Garden”

  1. Jules

    Sam Phillips made me want to read Thomas Merton. I will always love this poem:

    And now I gotta find out more about R.T. Smith.

  2. Jayne

    John, I really shouldn’t be trying to write as I’m back from a 24 hour hospital ordeal (all is fine) and on a bit of Vicodin, so… I’m first making sure that I am commenting on a sole post, rather than several mashed together. Although your Friday posts are always like reading several posts at a time… yet each bit of Friday’s mélange is like a perfectly stamped piece of the puzzle, the final piece locking it in.

    Sometimes, though, my little brain has to work too hard. Which is always a good thing unless one’s brain has been scrambled with narcotics. Oh well, here I go anyway…

    The video was the laugh I needed–reminded me of the duets my brother and I performed for the family on our upright piano. It also reminded me of the garden as a metaphor for reflection and spirituality.

    Wouldn’t life be grand if everyone had their own garden? Wrapped their arms around every tree? It would certainly help us all get more Zen (but would it lead to less war?)… slow down with Flash, take note of how our roots grow and spread and circle back, or just plain mystify. Sit with nature and breathe deeply.

    Which is what I feel like I’m doing reading this post. Mind, body, soul–feed and water. I feel healthier already sitting here in this little garden ecosystem. Just breathing it all in and smiling… not caring what the world thinks about how loopy I may look while doing that. 😉

    (Love that Smith poem.)

  3. marta

    Those times when you slip a Seems to Fit excerpt in your posts, I think at first you’re quoting from a published work. I’m then glad you trusted us to put the work in there.

    The gardening piece in this post though, disturbed me a bit.

  4. Jayne

    @John – I was awake!, and your piece of the puzzle was lovely, by the way.

    I didn’t show up that narced out. Promise! Really, I’d rather arrive here with a glass of wine in hand. 😉

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