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  1. Froog

    I keep getting a ‘File not found’ message for Willie’s version.

    Is it just me, or does Ella throw in a snatch of You Won’t Be Satisfied Until You Break My Heart in her scatting?

    These records for encores and curtain calls always baffle comprehension rather, don’t they? Surely even the most enthusiastic crowd would be growing weary, bored after 6, 8, 10 repetitions? How can anyone sit through an hour or more of the same damn song?? (I am suddenly reminded of Eric Satie’s Vexations.)

  2.'s brudder

    found myself wondering which “regular” would have triggered this. As for closer to home, no less than two of your connected relatives could have made pulled that trigger: Mom or Me.
    BL & Bud’s Wedding Dance,
    Mine and BL’s at my wedding to Janice.
    Used the Willy version (working without a hitch for me) as our reference for our band (always thought their name was a good one – Cats On a Smooth Surface – as their musical talents happened to be all over the place).
    Ella’s scat work, I know I should appreciate but I’ve never been able to completely embrace anyone’s, so this one is lost on me, too.
    As an “Outlaw”, maybe Willie is considered ‘subversive’ in other parts and he’s been limited on such servers such as Froog’s. Only slightly kidding.

  3. Froog

    Yes, just a little snippet of it at around 1.42. There are few other such micro-quotations as well, I think, but I can’t catch them all.

    Brudder, it wouldn’t at all surprise me to find that Willie is on the blacklist here. During one of the earlier peaks of inanity in the censorship here a few years ago, ‘they’ appeared for a while to be trying to disrupt the distribution of a weekly e-newsletter about upcoming jazz gigs in Beijing.

  4. Froog

    Aha, the Willie version is back! Just a temporary glitch, it seems.

  5. Jayne

    Belle Baker doesn’t look like one too concerned about the orchestra’ now does she? But a picture doesn’t always tell all…
    I grew up with Ella on the hi-fi, and this song, especially, with her romping scats and snappy fingers (in my mind, anyway), was one of my favorites. Any other version just doesn’t cut it for me, guys!
    Oh, how I enjoyed finding out what’s in the song Blue Skies. And I love Baker’s photo–the hat and hatpin. Wait, is that a hatpin or wrench? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. cynth

    Thanks John. I didn’t know all the stuff about Belle Baker, but the music, well, you know. But I recall hearing the story of that first dance between BL and Bud and the song has sentimental overtures for me whenever I hear it.

    Never cared much for scat, Ella’s or anyone else’s but boy can she sing! And of course, Goodman’s band at Carnegie Hall no less reminding me of a certain young man skipping school and running off to see him.

    This was lovely John, just what I needed.

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