7 responses to “Emerging, Blinking, into the Sunlight”

  1. DarcKnyt

    That break, when things slow down and become calm again, is a nice place to reach, isn’t it? A great relief which washes over. Enjoy it. As much as I miss coming around to favorite blogs like this one, I have kept a quarter-eye on them, and hoped for patience from my regular visits. Be sure you’ll have ours. We are glad you’re in the anchor leg of this race and are rooting for you.

  2. Nance

    Gosh, change makes me nervous. Notice, that’s the first thing I home in on. I used to preach the gospel of comfort with uncertainty, but my heart wasn’t in it. I wasn’t listening.

    I know your elbows will be grateful for the feet, though, so I’m with you and Flange.

  3. whaddayamean

    …are you SO EXCITED?!

  4. marta

    I’ve been distracted too so what am I going to say? Work on that novel! (Besides, I’ve got a dry well over at my place.)

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