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  1. Nance

    Whew, thank goodness I made it here today! It was a close call for absolutely no reason.

    Today, I recall lunch. A nap. Cleaned the office. Figured out what to do with my annuity. Read a whole bunch of good stuff in blogs and books. And wound up here admiring Tina Fey enough to think of buying her book…there’s a surprise! Tonight, I’ll cook, exercise and take a long walk late when it’s cooler. I’ll take a flashlight.

    I’ll watch two episodes of BBC’s “Bramwell.” And I’ll have been very nice to my husband all day…and made him laugh a little with it, too.

    And I blogrolled Beat Surrender.

    And I’ll go to bed and think, once again, that I didn’t get a damn thing done. That’s retirement. And, at this stage of life, I’ve learned that the gods take care of themselves entirely, that I should leave them to it, so I’ve stuck loyally by that decision for another cycle of the sun.

    It was a good day. Well-capped by this RAMH Friday. Tomorrow, Tom Rush on Prairie Home Companion! They had Elvin Bishop on a couple of months ago, which made me ecstatic in my reddest-neck fashion.

  2. cynth

    Love, love, love that Tina Fey writing! It’s so true. But have to take exception to the God Who Loves you. Because the whole choice thing means that God respects your choices good or bad and the judging of all that doesn’t come until the end anyway. Because his grace is sufficient enough without all the muttering, meanderings in the background.

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