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  1. whaddayamean

    I remember (oi, how nostalgically this begins) back when my family first got a TV in the early 90s. I was in junior high. I would come home after school and watch MTV like a junkie–I thought it was what you were supposed to do. I was studying pop culture to make up for all the years we hadn’t, um, had any in my house (just thick fantasy novels and NPR news).

    It made me a little sad to watch the montage clip. I associate the music videos I watched as a pre-teen with a feeling of finally plugging into America, and feeling less like an outsider. Mainstreamification. Typing this out now of course makes me sensitive to the nuances of this feeling, but at the time I was REALLY grateful to have some way of connecting to other people my age. Then reality tv came, and bored me out of my mind. I just went back to books.

    Wait, maybe this story has a happy ending, stuck in the sad one?

  2. marta

    A few weeks ago I went to our now famous Alamo Drafthouse (did you hear the hubbub over the texting incident?) for a sing-along-with-the-80s. They showed 2 hours of new wave music videos complete with subtitles and the front of the theater and the aisles were open for dancing. They opened the show with the “Video Killed” song. I don’t want to get stuck in music from my teen years (I remember being at my friend’s house and seeing MTV. It was like 3 days old or something absurd) because I want to always be open to new music…but that was a FUN night. They even gave away these inflatable synthesizers. Ha.

  3. Nance

    That Hall and Oates video I posted last week was MTV, The Beginning in spades. So much of it was just dumb, but it was worse than potato chips for hooking you in. Thank goodness I had a full time job by the time my kids got hooked, otherwise, we’d none of us have gotten squat-all accomplished.

    My all-time favorites: Annie Lennox in blondie-orange crew cut and boxy suit coat singing “Sweet Dreams” and all the early Talking Heads stuff.

  4. Jayne

    Ah yes, who can forget VJ Martha Quinn. Not me and all my college buddies who watched religiously during our junior year. Here was this girl, pretty much our age, pretty much fresh out of college, becoming an instant celebrity. It was fascinating to watch it unfold.

    I wonder what Martha is up to now…

  5.'s brudder
  6. cynth

    I can remember hubby showing the kids MTV and they were hooked! Of course, he was as well. Can’t say I ever really was. And they played some Springsteen song so many times, I gave up on him. Daughter loves this kind of stuff, so I’ll make sure she checks out your space. She’ll be thrilled.

  7. Jayne’s brudder – Brudder- Thanks for that link. From NYC to Malibu–she’s all growed up. But, as John points out, most definitely still waifish. 😉

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