5 responses to “Long, Languorous Tomorrows”

  1. marta

    I feel bad for the east coast and hope that Hurricane Irene is not the trouble they say it’s going to be. At the same time, I’m jealous. All that rain! We so need it here.

  2. Jayne

    So, so much to love here. I need to let it all seep in. I love that Collins poem. And right away, I think of a beekeeper friend to whom I must forward Intimate Detail.

    Sun and rain today. Thai tonight with friends at a local joint. Then, we hunker in. My thoughts are all up and down the coast as well. I’d pray it stays west–but then, what’d I be praying for?! East. East–go way east, Irene!

  3. Nance

    At last, I’ve read enough Billy Collins to know within a few lines that I’m reading him.

    Sitting in a morning motel room in San Diego, eating cereal from a styrofoam bowl and reading. The end of a visit here always reminds me that I’m two weeks older and that much farther away from the excitement of arriving. “Directions” has made it a little harder to get the cereal down past the lump in my throat.

    August is always a hard month on the SC coast. It’s typically too hot to do much outdoors except in early morning or at night. The centipede grass is seeding and gets messy looking within three days of mowing it. Most of the flowers are exhausted and so are we, but the general greenery goes manic and demands that we deal with it anyway.

    We spend a lot of time staring at Weatherunderground maps at the storms that roll off the NW coast of Africa like bowling balls, set to strike or spare, in August and September.

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