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  1. marta

    The Henry James quote comes on a day when I’ve been excessively bothered by a friend’s smugness.

    And I like the quote from Ackerman because I knew exactly what horses she was talking about.

    And lastly, dogs do practice geometry. What living thing doesn’t?

  2. jules

    ” the air a staircase
    For silence.” DAMN.

    Man, I’ve missed your blog, but esp. your Friday posts. (Still cramming on my manuscript deadline but *had* to come here.)

  3. jules

    Oh, and that cursing was because the whole post is good, but especially the Thomas portion.

  4.'s brudder

    Bonnie & John Lee – good blues ending to the week. “Botheration” indeed. One small note on the Lyrics – Bonnie calls out to her Momma, first – then her Daddy. John Lee – well that’s as good a sorting of his lyrics as I can imagine.

  5. Nance

    Reacting as I read, again.

    I always pay attention to things that start with, “When you’ve lived as long as I…” Perception confession: I couldn’t look straight at the opening image. At the tender age of 55, I required cataract surgery and the surgeon thought mono-vision (one for reading/one for distance) replacement lenses would be just dandy. I suffered ocular-induced migraines for a year before my brain caught on that the world hadn’t undergone radical, life-threatening change.

    R.S. Thomas’s “Kneeling” took me mentally to a beautiful, tiny, glowing stone and wood chapel on Bald Head Island, NC…feet from an ancient lighthouse and its stairway to heaven.

    Ackerman: I’ve been on an immersion course lately, so I’m admiring this very much.

    And then that video! Magpie’s throwin’ it up on the blog so she can hear it any time she wants. Bonnie Raitt and Ry Cooder and the dirty blues all in the same paragraph. Maybe I feel so good by now that I can go back to the top and look that optical illusion in the eyes.

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