6 responses to “Midweek Music Break: Fearing & White, “Under the Silver Sky””

  1. whaddayamean

    two thumbs up! good midweek music break.

  2. Nance

    In my driving tours of Nashville and Brentwood with my son, I’ve learned that it is the studio musicians who rule the world of hits. Dig deep enough into liner notes and you’ll find the same names, over and over. The fanciest estates belong to the studio musicians who get royalties from many big new albums and all those old ones, too. And, sometimes, they hit stardom on their own, but most, I think, have seen what that’s like and opt out.

  3. andy white

    thanks john

    I like ” the upbeat, ramshackle-road-trip but tightly played feel of it.”

    you got it just right, that’s the way it was.

    if you want lyrics drop me a line – or see us on tour at



  4. Jayne

    A little late here, but I wanted to mention that I read this post not long after you wrote it and precisely a week after a conversation (and a little jam session) in which the music of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings was discussed. Turns out Rawlings grew up in a town adjacent to where I grew up, and my brother-in-law was a friend of his in high school. What ensued were many stories…

    Thanks for the introduction to Fearing and White (visited their site, as well). Quite the find! 🙂

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