4 responses to “Transparent, or Just Unseen? Silent, or Just Unheard?”

  1. Nance

    I stole the Phillip Levine for my cache, but the Susanna Clark is the one that will stay with me.

    There are condos and homes lining our beaches here, but I’ve never been tempted to covet one of them. I couldn’t see standing on my balcony at the same time that others stood on their balconies, all of us just gazing out at the water horizon with only a limited field of vision. The beach is only notable for being attached to the land on the other side of the sea oats.

    The igloo, on the other hand…

  2. marta

    I feel like I’ve read the Edward Abbey quote somewhere else recently. Hmmm…

    And I love Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Have you read her book of short stories? Many great moments in them too.

    Oh, and I recently came across ablog called “Silent London.” It is all about silent film. Wait. I didn’t find that through you, did I? I shall feel silly if I did. But in case I didn’t and you’re interested, here is the link.

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