13 responses to “Victims of Fashion (Men’s Department)”

  1. darcknyt

    Guys do understand, and support. This is travesty. What ain’t broke don’t need fixin’. Whose idea is this, anyway?!

  2. Nance

    It’s fashion, friend. Fashion never did make good sense (I offer stilettos as a prime example), but, if you can make enough people feel dorky for not following it, you can make yourself a buck or two. Instead of the bi-annual three-pack, you might get an entire segment of the population to throw out all the oldies and purchase the newbies at once. Next? Planned undie obsolescence. And if that ain’t American, I don’t know what is.

  3. Eileen

    Best analogy to female clothing I can come up with is the nursing bra … but as I’ve never had a baby, this is only a guess — but the whole purpose of the garment is to be able to nurse without taking off the entire dang bra.

    My best guess is that “slotless” is a cost reduction measure. I spent this whole blog post thinking about coffee filters (this will make more sense in a minute). I recently purchased a coffee maker that used flat bottom filters instead of the cone filters the old machine had used. The flat bottom filter packs cost about $2.50 for 200 … the cone filters cost $4 for 100 — the only difference I can tell is that the cone filter must be seamed and the flat bottom is just stamped out. Now, if I was sewing underware and I could eliminate an entire feature and the subsequent seaming/edging I could reduce cost … and make men look like idiots in public restrooms … so much potential for the wicked.

  4. The Querulous Squirrel

    OK, I’ll throw in the hat. Bras. When I was young, bras were simple, thin fabric, often stretchy, very comfortable. Some girls chose “padded” bras, which were thick and awkward and an object of derision and negation “No, of course I’m not wearing a padded bra.” Now, ALL BRAS ARE PADDED! They are thick and uncomfortable, lined with wires. Supposedly the purpose is to camouflage nipples because women are no longer supposed to have nipples (just like men aren’t supposed to have their protrusions). I get confused because some women get breast enhancements and other breast reductions but the purpose of these bras is definitely enhancement, whether you want it or not. I wear them every day and I hate them.

  5. whaddayamean

    hahahaha ohhh boy this post made my day. not to say i find your righteous indignation amusing. ahem.

  6. marta

    My first thought on reading this was also the nursing bra–which I was very grateful for when I was nursing. But some of them are made easier to use than others, let’s say.

    Oh, and I’m with Squirrel. The look I got when I asked the salesman (yes, it was man working in Victoria Secret) for a padless bra. He clearly thought I was mad.

  7. marta

    @John – Oh, that ornery Y.

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