7 responses to “What’s in a Song: Body and Soul (2)”

  1. whaddayamean

    these are both fantastic. i can’t decide which of the two you embedded i like more, actually. and they’re wordless so ideal editing music…

  2. Jayne

    Hi John- I’m so enjoying catching up here, and nothing quite like hearing this song within a song within a song late Saturday evening.

    When I saw the opening line of Body and Soul at the top of this post I couldn’t help but think of Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories–which includes, as part of its soundtrack, Django Reinhardt’s version of the song. I’ve always loved the song–and lucky for us Reinhardt got tangled in its chain reaction.

    Looking forward to perusing further… 😉

    1. JES

      Testing comment replies…

      1. JES

        Testing NESTED content replies…

  3. Jayne

    @John – Oh how I wish I had a monumental bank account. Wouldn’t I love to see that picture happen.

    When I lived in New York I would always try to get to the Blue Note or the Carlyle or some other place Woody hung out on a night that he might perform. It never worked out. I did hear a lot of great jazz, though. 😉

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