9 responses to “When Cats and Boxes Converge…”

  1. marta

    My kiddo and I like Maru and the boxes. I provided commentary which sent the kiddo into fits of laughter. 🙂 And he is asking for more Maru videos.

  2. whaddayamean

    hahahaha yessss Maru-chan. i love watching him periodically.

    i know a lot of cats are ridiculous. but this is a particularly ridiculous cat. like, everything about him is silly. he’s so round. it’s even better that “Maru” means “round” in Japanese.

  3. marta

    And don’t forget the Kobayashi Maru.

  4. marta

    @John – Well, I watched Star Trek, but I didn’t watch The X-Files.

  5. Miriam Forster

    I love Maru! And this is one of my favorite ones. 🙂

    I like his expression when he gives up on climbing into the flat box and just lays on it. He’s like “What? I’m totally INSIDE THE BOX. Shut up.”

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